TIES 2017 User Conference

Join fellow district administrators, and TIES product and services users on January 18 and 19 for the Annual TIES User Conference. The opening and lunch sessions will emphasize “Managing During time of Change” and personal health.

Wednesday’s sessions focus on Edupoint’s Synergy Student Information System, and FeePay, bringing online payment convenience to schools. On Thursday, Finance/HR/Payroll takes center stage featuring eFinancePLUS, TIES newly announced product offering with partner SunGard K-12. 

Keynote Speaker – What I Need Most is My Health with Chris Freytag
Lack of time and stress are the two most common complaints among American adults. Mounting stress and more demands on your time can lead to poor eating habits, failure to exercise, lack of sleep, and depleted energy. High levels of stress result in reduced productivity, employee absenteeism, and impact to the bottom line. Author, TV personality, and founder of Get Healthy U, Chris Freytag, will share how to achieve greater balance, reduce stress, eat healthier, improve energy, and find time to exercise in her keynote address, “What I Need Most is My Health.” 
A national fitness expert, Freytag has been teaching, training, writing books, and speaking about health and fitness for 25 years. She founded GetHealthyU.com, a fast-growing digital publishing company that reaches more than 2 million people each month through the website, newsletters, and social media. 


Student and FeePay Agenda - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Finance/HR/Payroll Agenda - Thursday, January 19, 2017

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