School management

TIES Software Suite Our core system works seemlessly with TIES stand-alone software - even other non-TIES applications. Build your own package. Learn More.

Tests and Assessments

See all results from all tests instantly

TIES Tests and Assessments lets you view critical student data —including demographics, grades and test scores—by teacher, classroom, building or district.

Teachers and administrators can view test and assessment data through the TIES Student Information Classroom Management module by school building, classroom or teacher.

You can import assessment data or input your own site-specific data.


eFinancePLUS, exclusively through TIES

TIES is pleased to offer school districts a world-class Finance/Human Resource/Payroll Suite – eFinancePLUS designed specifically for K-12. When you partner with TIES, you will receive so much more than technology, you also receive:  

Personalized Learning

Engage students in achieving success

  • Keeps each student on track and engaged for success
  • Focuses everyone—student, teachers, administrators and parents—on achieving goals
  • Creates a plan tailored to each student
  • Continually and automatically identifies specific areas where students need help