TIESed Newsletter - March 2016

March 2016

Welcome to the TIESed monthly newsletter. The Learning and Technology department of TIES has been working hard to reimagine how we can serve our districts. As we evolve, we wanted a new name to reflect our new vision, so we’ve changed our name to TIES Education aka TIESed! TIESed will continue delivering high-quality professional development at the TIES training center, hosting innovative special events focused on best practice in education technology, and of course planning and delivering the TIES conference. We will also be traveling to schools to work with teachers and administrators on specific projects, helping teachers who are transitioning to the Synergy student information system, and working to develop quality PD for TIES staff. Our team is dedicated to helping educators discover how technology can enhance teaching and learning for all students. We look forward to working with you!

Event Recap: Bootstrap PD

Bootstrap World presented a workshop to more than fifty educators February 23-25 at TIES. The big question we explored: “What if a math class taught rigorous computer programming, using the concepts and content that are already in the book?” After three days of examining this question, we learned as if we were kids in a class, explored the concepts and strategies to teach the curriculum, and did the programming and coding to build a video game based on algebra concepts and strategies! Thanks to 3Mgives for their generous sponsorship. 

Interested in Bootstrap training at TIES in the future? Share your email on this Google Form to be notified when the next event is scheduled. 


Our Favorite Things 

Newsela and Newsela Elementary
Newsela and Newsela elementary are free, online tools to help students practice reading and learning from current event-based nonfiction. By providing free access to articles at five different reading levels with a reflection as well as comprehension questions, students can learn to read nonfiction effectively while also learning about the content. Don’t forget to check out the Spanish articles and the Election 2016 resources as well!

Social Media Resources and Ideas
Many of us use social media as part of our formal or informal PLCs. Make sure you increase your learning in education technology as part of your digital PLC. Below are some effective hashtags and organizations to help you maximize your learning.


  • #edtech
  • #edchat
  • #mlearning (for mobiles)
  • #ipaded
  • #K12
  • #BlendedLearning
  • #Teacher(s)


  • @DiscoveryEd
  • @nacol
  • @TED_ED
  • @CommonSenseEdu
  • @tieslearntech
  • @edutopia


Upcoming TIES Events

Saturday Workshops on March 19
Seats are still available in the below Saturday workshops. Join us for an outstanding day of learning. Register Here

  • YouTube in the Classroom
  • Google Drive Introduction
  • Google Drive Introduction (+3 Coaching)
  • Word 2013/2011 Introduction
  • Word 20132011 Intermediate
  • Creating a Google Site


AppSmash for All Devices
April 23, 2016
AppSmashing is now for all students regardless of their devices! Discover ways to unleash the creative potential of your students via technology. This hands-on event will explore a variety of workflows that combine multiple apps into a final product. You can showcase student learning whether you’re using an iPad, Chromebook, Smartphone, or computer. For more information and to register go to http://appsmash.ties.k12.mn.us/


TIES Institute: Featuring Google Apps for Education
June 15-16, 2016
This two-day, hands-on event will help you reimagine what teaching and learning can look like with Google Apps for Education. Learn alongside like-minded colleagues as you look at best practices for learning through activities that use all things Google to reinvigorate your lessons!
For more information visit http://googlein.ties.k12.mn.us/


August 3-4, 2016
Learnshops - August 3, 2016
iPadPaloozaMN Learning Festival - August 4, 2016
This one-day learning festival celebrates how iPads and other mobile devices continue to impact education. The event will focus on creativity, social collaboration, engagement, and innovative ways schools have integrated iPads and mobile devices into classrooms and enhanced student learning. Join educators from all over Minnesota and surrounding states for a day of celebrating, learning, collaborating, and networking.
For more information visit http://ipadpaloozamn.ties.k12.mn.us/


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